General Information

Remdizel (RD) JSC, a Russian plant for special purpose vehicles, was established in 1978.

Our purpose is to provide high quality services over the whole life cycle, from design and development to overhaul and recycling.

The Structure of the Company
  • Vehicle Overhaul Department
  • Special Equipment Overhaul Department
  • Engine and Component Overhaul Department
  • Special Vehicles Plant
  • Spare Parts Plant
RD in Figures
  • total staff: 1,541 pers
  • 90,000 square meters of production areas
  • 20 processing areas that provide full technological cycle
  • 120 kinds of technological testing facilities
  • 5,000 overhauls with upgrading per year
  • 10,000 powertrain overhauls
Company Operations
  • development, design, manufacture of automotive and armoured equipment
  • technical supervision and overhaul of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles during operation
  • on-site repair teams used for vehicle repair or maintenance can be located in any place inside the country, any automotive company or armoured unit
  • recycling of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles