Youth Policy

Youth policy of JSC Remdizel is aimed at attracting young employees, who will ensure a successful development of the company, and every one of them will find his career path. We invite energetic and courageous persons to join our team. Young professionals in our company are focused on:

  • formation and implementation of young policy;
  • expansion of a public role and social value of young employees;
  • raising the prestige of blue-collar occupations;
  • realization of socially useful initiatives;
  • development of technical, creative capacities and professional skills;
  • upholding the cultural, spiritual and moral values.

RD starts youth work in schools. We organize excursions, open and career days and we also cooperate with educational institutions. The company provides an internship for students of secondary professional and higher education institutions.

Youth Council

The company has its Young professionals board. Its participants help new employees to adapt in the workplace and to learn their profession perfectly. The board members instill into them a sense of corporate culture and values. The company has loyalty programs for young professionals.