The Board of Management

Chief Executive Officer

Khafizov Faiz

Was born in 1949. He joined Kama Automobile Plant in 1971. He graduated from Likhachev Plant (ZIL) Technical College in 1976. He worked at ZIL company as a technician/technologist. Since the early 1980s, he worked for KAMAZ, at first as a foreman and then as a deputy chief of the vehicle procurement and delivery shop. He was an advanced manufacturing engineer and a head of department in the branch of  Moscow Institute of the USSR national committee of agricultural engineering support services. In 1985, he became a head of the major overhaul department at the KAMAZ Automobile Center enterprise. He has been Director General of Remdizel JSC since 2005.

  • Special Vehicles Director
    Nigmetzianov Mansur

  • Chief Financial Officer
    Khabirov Renat

  • Chief Designer
    Zarakhovich Igor

  • Procurement and Logistics Director
    Bolshakov Dmitry

  • Quality Director
    Malakhovetsky Andrey

  • Chief  of Sales
    Shiriev Ilnur

  • Chief Human
    Kuzmichev Andrey
  • Director of  Development
    Khafizov Fail

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Zaripov Rustem

  • Director for Tracked Vehicles Repair
    Batinov Vladimir

  • Service Director
    Muslakhov Ramil Miskhatovich

  • Director for Wheeled Vehicles Repair
    Gordeev Alexander

  • Chief Accountant
    Vatrushkina Olga