AO "Remdizel" at Army-2021 Military and Technical Forum

AO "Remdizel" is participating at the Army 2021 international military and technical forum that will be held in the Patriot park from 22 to 28 August. The company's products will be demonstrated at stand 2O4 opposite pavillion B.

This year, the company offers to examine the evolution of the family of the K-4386 Typhoon-VDV armored vehicles; some of their modifications will be shown for the first time. New configurations of the armored vehicles are planned to be demonstrated individually.

Along with the wheeled vehicles, there will be demonstrated an upgraded prototype of the MT-LB tracked tractor in the configuration of MGSh-LB and tactical truck K-5350 Mustang as well.

Igor Zarakhovich, Chief Designer of AO "Remdizel", claims that the company focuses on the modifications of K-4386 during the forum. We will demonstrate the capabilities of this chassis for performing different tasks. Our vehicles allow to perform combat missions under difficult conditions and save the lives of the crew in case of vehicle damage. Our company is also conclusively presented in the foreign market along with our partner, the Rosoboronexport company. At the same time, we do not ignore a segment of low-cost light tracked vehicles which will be presented by highly upgraded carrier MGSh-LB."

AO "Remdizel" (JSC) was established in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in 1978. To date, it is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian defense industry complex. The company designs and manufactures the families of the Typhoon and Vystrel armored vehicles. The company's products are exported and applied in combat operations. The Remdizel company has been participating at the Army international forums since the very first one held in 2015. Back to the list