AO Remdizel (JSC) is to present new prototypes of armored vehicles at international military and technical forum Army-2020

AO Remdizel is to participate at international military and technical forum Army-2020 that will be held from 23rd to 29thAugust at Patriot park. During the exhibition, the company will present advanced commercially available prototypes of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. 

On the static venue at pavilion B at stand 2O5, there will be exposed Typhoon VDV K-4386, Typhoon K K-53949 armored vehicles with the prototype of the RCCM, К-53958 tractor unit, MGTT-LB (‘product 7’) multipurpose tracked tractor hauler and light transporter MT-LB that was renovated and upgraded. 

According to Igor Zarakhovich, AO Remdizel’s Chief Designer, “Army-2020 forum is a unique venue where developments of various purpose wheeled armored vehicles can be showcased in a competitive environment. Besides, it is important for the company to express its competence in the field of major overhaul of light tracked vehicles. In the pandemic situation, the forum also enables negotiating with foreign delegations.

The Chief Designer also stressed that besides new developments in the field of armored vehicles, Remdizel also performs major overhaul of first-line vehicles for the Russian Ministry of Defense, i.e. KAMAZ an URAL trucks and of MT-LB tracked tractors as well. Major overhaul of several tens of thousands of vehicles and several hundreds of tractors has already been implemented according to the long term contracts. 

AO Remdizel was established in 1978 in Naberezhnye Chelny. Today, it is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian defense industry complex. The company develops the families of Typhoon and Vystrel armored vehicles. The company’s products are applied in combats and exported. AO Remdizel has been participating at Army international forums from the very beginning, i.e. since 2015. 

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