Army 2020: Typhoon K-53949

At Army 2020 military and technical forum, AO Remdizel presents K-53949 armored vehicle of the Typhoon family with an RCCM. This is a framed 10-seat vehicle with a 4х4 wheel configuration equipped with an engine with the power of 350 hp. 

The K-53949 vehicle is intended for performing combat tasks and carrying personnel and military freight. Its platform is a universal base for the modifications of security, reconnaissance and fire support equipment. To date, the vehicle is at the stage of the completion of R&D work and it is the main export model of the Typhoon family. Despite the limitations caused by the current situation, foreign delegations are attending the forum. AO Remdizel's specialists are actively negotiating possible overseas cooperation.

Тайфун-К 53949 производства АО "Ремдизель"
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