Army-2020: MGTT-LB

AO Remdizel has presented a new multipurpose tracked vehicle MGTT-LB at Army 2020 military and technical forum. It is a modification of the MT-LB vehicles operated by the Russian land forces.

The work on these tractor units was conducted according to the tactical and technical requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense within the frames of the "Reconstruction" research and design project. Such characteristics of the vehicle as protection level, command controllability, load-carrying capacity, fire support and ergonomics level have been improved. The upgraded vehicle has a new engine and a track with an enclosed joint which made it 800-900 kg lighter and more mobile.

MGTT-LB can be used as a platform for new Russian armament complexes in various types of  the land forces. The chassis of the tractor can be used for mounting V and VT complexes.

MGTT-LB, Remdizel
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