Outcome AO Remdizel’s Participation at Army 2020 Military and Technical Forum

Between 23 to 29 August, AO Remdizel takes part in the work of the Army 2020 military and technical forum. The company presented life-sized prototypes of the Typhoon-VDV K-4386 and Typhoon-K K-53949 armored vehicles, the Tornado-K K-53958 tractor unit and the MGTT-LB light upgraded tractor. The latter two were first seen publicly at Army 2020. 

According to Alexander Zakharov, the Director General of AO Remdizel, ‘Army 2020 military and technical forum has turned out to be a unique event for the current year taking into account cancellation of many exhibitions due to the coronavirus pandemic. We note that both Russian and potential foreign customers are highly interested in our products. On the territory of the forum, we were able to carry out a number of negotiations, business meetings, often together with AO Rosoboronexport. The trend on wheeled armored vehicles is increasingly developing, which indicates that the life of every serviceman on a combat duty does matter.’ 

This year, AO Remdizel also highlighted its proven activity area, i.e. major overhaul of the KAMAZ and Ural vehicles. As an official supplier of this type of service to the Russian Ministry of Defense, from 2009 to 2020, the company has gained a unique experience of the organization of field repair with the help of on-site repair teams in military units throughout Russia. 

Alexander Zakharov believes that the wheeled vehicles and the MGTT-LB tractor enjoyed equally high interest. “This is owing to new technological solutions applied for these vehicles as well as to market needs”, he noted. 

Based on the first results of the Army 2020 forum, it can be concluded that defense industry enterprises in general tend to focusing on diversification. Remdizel is considering some working projects, including civil versions of vehicles. 

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