Press-release. Russia-Africa economic forum

AO Remdizel (JSC) is to present its product at the Russia-Africa economic forum on 23-24 October in Sochi. The К-53949 vehicle will be presented at the company’s booth. The Typhoon family of vehicles is already well known to customers and has received positive reviews from military officials. 

The main objective of the Typhoon K-53949 vehicle is to save the life of the crew should the vehicle hit an anti-tank mine or during shelling. The vehicle is ready for use in difficult climatic and adverse conditions. This vehicle’s competitive advantage versus other similar offerings on the market is its anti-mine and anti-ballistic protection.

Another serious advantage of the Typhoon family with its 4x4 wheel configuration is the unification of the main units and the undercarriage systems, which allows for creating various modifications based on the Typhoon K 53949. Two modifications based on the Typhoon are ready: a mine exploder and a surveillance vehicle. The Linza armoured medical vehicle with a two-seat cab and a module for transporting the wounded was launched on the same K-53949 chassis.

At the Army 2019 international military forum, African countries showed significant interest for Russian armored vehicles produced by AO Remdizel. The vehicles proved themselves in real-time conditions by showing their adaptability to different climatic conditions. Other advantages for this collaboration will be a developed service product, a multipurpose chassis and the company's customizability.

AO Remdizel (RD) was established in 1978 It is one of the largest defense enterprises in Russia. The company designs and produces advanced families of the Typhoon and Vystrel armoured vehicles. The RD brand products have repeatedly shown their effectiveness during armed conflicts.

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