Typhoon Vehicles Head for India

AO Remdizel (JSC) is participating at Aero India 2021 aerospace and defense exhibition. The event will be held from 3 to 5 February in Bangalore (Karnataka state).

The company’s products will be presented at the joint exposition together with AO Rosoboronexport (JSC). At its partner’s booth, RD brand will showcase the models of the Typhoon K-63968, Typhoon K-53949 armored vehicles and of the Linza medical carrier.

Typhoon K-63968 is a 6х6 armored modular vehicle. It is intended for performing combat tasks and transportation of personnel and freights. It is possible to mount technological, engineering and special-purpose equipment on the vehicle’s chassis. The vehicle may have various applications and modifications.

Typhoon K-53949 is a 4х4 single-compartment offroad armored vehicle intended for transportation of personnel and freights. Its chassis has modifications with a medical module for the subdivisions of the airborne and air defense forces; these modifications are equipped with a turret and a weapon station. It is possible to mount 2С41 Drock, an 82 mm self-propelled mortar, and Kornet-EM, an antitank missile system. This model is in service with the Russian Army and is actively promoted to the foreign markets.

Typhoon K-53949 (Linza) is a medical carrier intended for evacuating casualties from the battlefield. The vehicle has 2 modifications: a medical carrier and a battalion aid station. It enterd service in 2019. First aid can be administered within an hour after injury, which means that people have better chance to survive. This confirms the company’s mission, “We reanimate your vehicles. Our vehicles reanimate you”.

Aero India exhibition is one of the largest international aerospace and defense exhibitions with an open air show. The event is organized every alternate year. Companies from 14 countries are taking part at the exhibition this year.

India is one of Russian key partners in military and technical cooperation. More than 70 per cent of Russian- and Soviet-made armament is operated by the Indian Army, the Indian Air Forces and the Indian Navy. Apart from this, they actively develop Make in India initiative which is the programme announced by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in 2014. The programme aims to develop relations with foreign partners on the basis of localization of production or its part within the territory of India.

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