Typhoons Gave Victory at Army 2019

The Army international games have come to an end. This year, competitions were held in the territories of ten states. These competitions included over 5,000 soldiers from 39 countries. According to the results of the game, Russia was ranked first.

Some competitions involved the Typhoon vehicles produced by AO Remdizel. For example, in military-medical relay, the teams competed in driving the К-4386 armoured vehicle on the obstacle track. The homemade vehicles gave the Russian soldiers the third place.

During the competition entitled “Clear Skies”, Russian antiaircraft gunners presented on the Typhoon-PVO armoured vehicles based on the K-4386 vehicle. The participants performed riding with obstacles on the armoured vehicles and target shooting of shoulder-fired weapons. As a result, the Russian team was second having yielded to the Chinese team.

Not only the Typhoons but also MT-LBs upgraded by AO Remdizel distinguished themselves at the Army international games. The contest entitled “Master of Artillery Fire” took place in Kazakhstan and became one of the largest-scale ones: 12 teams participated in it. The participants showed their skills at 3 stages of the competition, such as individual race, night sprint and relay with mortar, grenade launcher, and firearm shooting. Murat Abdulazizov, the contestant of the Russian team, admitted that MANPADS shooting was a challenge. “The firing point is difficult enough to perform head-on firing. Of course, the Chinese team is more experienced because this is their land, their range. We’ve done our best. Indeed, the Chinese themselves, the range owners, missed the target on this range as well,” as was quoted by “Zvezda” TV channel.

The first place went to the Kazakhstan’s team, the second were Russians and the third place went to the Uzbekistan’s team. 

The vehicles prepared by Remdizel’s specialists had no engine failures in races. Workshop No. 111 increased the power of YaMZ-238 up to 320 hp. And Workshop No. 311 carried out condition-based repair, which made the vehicles able to have a speed of up to 70 km/h. In Kazakhstan, technical assistance of the chassis is performed by Remdizel’s specialist.

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