Tornado and Typhoon to Cross Red Square

On 24th June, 25 units of equipment produced by AO Remdizel are participating in the Victory Day parade. Armored vehicles Tornado K 53958 and those of the Typhoon family, i.e. K 4386, K 53549 and K 63968 vehicles are crossing Red Square. The equipment is being prepared by five Remdizel specialists including two drivers of Tornado vehicles who are going to operate the vehicles during the parade on Red Square.

Typhoon K is the family of wheeled armored vehicles with enhanced mine protection and a big clearance, a V-shaped bottom side that is capable of withstanding the pieces of shrapnels and ensuring effective dissipation of explosive energy. The vehicles are intended for carrying crew and freight as well as addressing the tasks of providing medical support. The vehicle is equipped with an independent spring suspension that ensures high travelling comfort and effective vibration damping. This is Russia's only vehicle with mine protection and a body manufactured by the method of bending with a minimum of welded and assembled units.

K 53949 is an armored 4х4 vehicle with curb weight of 15 t. The seating capacity is 10 people with crew. It is intended for carrying crew and freight. The armored vehicle gives them protection against small arms and explosive devices. Its platform is a universal base for modification of security, reconaissance and fire support technologies. This is the first time vehicle К-53949 is participating in the parade being fully operational: it will be provided with a mounted combat module “Okhotnik” developed by AO “NPO Elektromashina” (JSC) (the part of Uralwagonzavod concern, belongs Rostec state corporation). The module is operated remotely from the cab using the control panel and video inspection device. The destruction range of enemy fighters on the ground is up to 2000 m and up to 1500 m for hitting low-flying air targets.

K 4386 is a frameless armored single compartment cross-country vehicle with 4х4 wheel configuration designed specifically for air assault forces. It weighs 11 t and can carry 7 people. The vehicle can be air-dropped and carry crew and freight providing high protection level.

K 63968 is an armored modular vehicle with 6х6 wheel configuration. Today it is the most wanted development by AO Remdizel tested by military police in Syria. The curb weight is 22 t. The vehicle can carry 3 crew members and 14 airborne troopers at the same time. The vehicle is intended for running combat mission and carrying crew and military freight as well.

Tornado K 53958 is a universal multipurpose chassis with high mobility and load-carrying capacities.

K 53958 is intended for mounting and transportation of the armament, military and special equipment, towing special and transportation trailers. The vehicle can be operated on all types of road and terrains

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