Automation Will Help Lower Requirements to Qualification of Drivers of Military Combination Vehicles

Tractor units for transportation of armored vehicles require high skills of military drivers. The officer from the procurement subdivision of the Russian Defense Ministry has told about that the reporter of Mil.Press Voennoye, as was reported before in article ‘Armored Tractor Units: Extra Mass Protects Driver’s Life’. In the event of forced substitution, the qualification of other drivers may not be enough, which may lead to the loss of equipment and injuries and deaths of soldiers. The use of automatic monitoring and controlling mproblems.eans in military vehicles can help address this and a number of other 

Combat and special tasks cause the appearance of additional operational features of military vehicles in comparison with the ordinary ones. This is particularly a rigid adherence to a designated route (often on rough roads or off-road) and the time of arrival at the destination, operation in integration with convoy, and the possibility of work in combat and ambush situations. 


Tornado K 53958 armored vehicles produced by AO Remdizel

For instance, while civilian combination vehicles tend to cruise movement at which fuel consumption per kilometer is minimal and power setting is nominal, military equipment must meet military requirements which suppose that maximum speed or maximum thrust may prevail according to circumstances. 

Better compliance of vehicles with combat and special tasks can be achieved by the expansion of applied means of electronic automatic equipment. The specialists of the research centre of automotive vehicles on the basis of the 3rd CRI of the RF MD suppose that it would help to fulfill several objectives. F.e., it would be possible to enhance the mobility of vehicles and convoys, improve crew life support, reduce fuel consumption for march movement, warn crew of defects, lower qualification requirements to drivers staff, better predict the remaining vehicle lifetime, and so on. 

 Automatic equipment could be responsible for the control of engine and transmission system of the vehicle, cruise control (which is particularly useful for holding convoy movement speed), prevention of collisions, automatic suspension control, and means of power rating control.

Such means could be integrated, for example, into armored tractor units intended for safe for crew transportation of military and special equipment, and of special means as well; into tractor units like Tornado K 53958 armored vehicle first presented at Army 2017 forum.

Igor Zarakhovich, Chief Designer of AO Remdizel, told the reporter of Mil.Press Voennoye that this project is technically feasible and it would be possible to bring some changes in the vehicle construction and perform new tests, if the governmental customer wanted to.

“We’ve already implemented cruise control in Tornado, though it is not frequently used as soldiers rarely move in convoys on public roads. However, all these technologies have been applied in civilian transport for a long time and they can be applied in military vehicles if the customer wants to,” he explained.

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