Weapon Stations of Elektromashina company to be Presented in Moscow Parade

Typhoon K 53949 wheeled armored vehicle with weapon stations of Elektromashina company mounted on it is intended for carrying crew of up to 10 people, and for transporting freight as well. 

© Photo: AO Concern “Uralwagonzavod” (JSC) 

AO NPO Elektromashina (JSC; located in Chelyabinsk, included into Rostec state corporation as the part of Uralwagonzavod concern) has supplied some weapon stations for the Typhoon K vehicle. They will be first presented among five armored vehicles on 24th June in the Moscow Victory Day Parade. 

“Okhotnik” weapon stations were sent on Alabino test site under the state contract performed by AO Remdizel. Weapon stations are mounted on the vehicles by the specialists of our company jointly with Remdizel. Armored vehicles are now taking part in the parade rehearsals,” noted Ivan Korolkov, Deputy Director General for Marketing and Sales of AO NPO Elektromashina.

Typhoon K 53949 wheeled armored vehicle with weapon stations of Elektromashina company installed on it is intended for carrying crew of up to 10 people, and of freight as well. It is protected against small arms and explosive devices. The Typhoon K platform is a universal highly mobile combat platform for applying in its various modifications by security, reconnaissance and fire support subdivisions. Typhoon K 53949 is an off-road vehicle and it has a wheel configuration 4х4 and a 6-cylinder engine with the power of 350 hp. 

AO NPO Elektromashina has developed a version of the weapon station that accommodates the characteristics of this vehicle. Ammunition equipment is significantly increased and the no-fire zone is introduced. Moreover, they increased weapon stabilization accuracy that allows hitting the target effectively. Okhotnik weapon station is remotely controlled from the vehicle’s cab with the help of a control panel and a vision device. Antipersonnel fire range is up to 2000 m on the ground and up to 1500 m for low-flying aerial targets. 

 “I should mention that the weapon station of Elektromashina company is a unified product that is applied for tracked wheeled vehicles, river and sea-going vessels and for security stationary objects of fortified regions and check points. For example, we are now actively working on the weapon station for the Navy. In January this year, in Sevastopol, Elektromashina demonstrated its weapon station to the President and the leadership of the RF Ministry of Defense at the exhibition held within the framework of the meeting dedicated to the prospects of the Navy military equipment,” Ivan Korolkov noted. 

Typhoon K is the family of wheeled armored vehicles produced by AO Remdizel (JSC) with enhanced mine protection and a big clearance, a V-shaped bottom withstanding the shrapnels and allowing effective explosion energy dissipation. The vehicles are intended for the transportation of crew and military freight and for medical support as well. The vehicle has an independent hydropneumatic suspension allowing high travelling comfort and effective vibration damping.

AO Concern “Uralwagonzavod” (the part of Rostec state corporation) is one of the largest machine-building complexes of modern Russia and an acknowledged leader in the production of the freight rolling stock on “space 1520”. The wagon assembly line of Uralwagonzavod company gave more than 1,000,000 units of railway engineering including more than 20,000 units of the innovative rolling stock.

AO NPO Elektromashina (JSC; the part of Uralwagonzavod) is the enterprise for development, production and repair of electrical equipment, electric systems and separate units for defense production and for military and technical products as well (products for railway equipment, fire-fighting products and other civilian products). 

Source: TRC Zvezda

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