Armored Tractor Units: Extra Mass Protects Driver’s Life

The Turkish military campaign in Idlib governorate in Syria hasrevealed the role combination vehicles play in military logistics. Russia actively uses those means of transport as well, particularly in Syria where there is no extensive rail system. However, this way of transportation of military equipment and special cargo puts additional requirements on driver qualification. A serving officer from the procurement subdivision of one of the military units of the Russian Defense Ministry has told about that the reporter of Mil.Press Voennoye. In combat situations, protection of crew, particularly of uniquely qualified one, comes first. Armored tractor units can provide personnel with additional protection.

Semitrailer trucks have a number of advantages over road-rail vehicles. Among these advantages are high maneuverability and potential versatility in the selection of the travel route, fast delivery of cargoes and non-requirement for transferring equipment from train to train.

Tornado K 53958 vehicle produced by AO Remdizel

Combination vehicles are worse than road-rail vehicles on the cost of transportation and cargo capacity. According to the officer from the procurement subdivision, another disadvantage is that these vehicles require well-trained drivers to operate them.

“After conscript drivers started to fall down into Afghan ravines along with their MAZ vehicles and semi-trailer trucks, we began to call on the drivers from Sovtransavto company. Civilian drivers were better trained,” the officer told. “Now I have contractors, the best drivers in the unit. They can substitute any wheeled vehicle driver but they can’t be substituted behind the wheel of a 75-ton combination vehicle with a tank or SPG.”

According to the officer, the experience of Russia’s military campaign in Syria has shown that military drivers bear a very great burden anyway. The task of life and health protection is becoming even more relevant, especially when taking into account that within liberated areas, there is still a risk of appearance of a civilian or improvised drone aircraft with a grenade as a ‘payload’, mortaring or an improvised explosive device on the road.

Armored tractor units like Tornado K 53958 or Ural 6308 are intended precisely for this purpose.

“Of course, an armored cab increases the weight of the combination vehicle but that relates to the specific power as everything depends on the engine. Protection is worth it anyway even if we deal with a fuel carrier or an aircraft tug. Clearly, this applies not to the aerodromes in central Russia but to the vehicles which are being operated at Khmeimim, near Damascus or at the T-4 airbase,” the officer expressed his opinion.

Tornado K 53958 vehicle produced by AO Remdizel was first demonstrated at the military and technical forum Army 2017.

Within the framework of its exposition, the company from Naberezhnye Chelny also demonstrated it in 2018 and 2019.

According to Mil.Press Voennoye, the armored vehicle Ural 6308 is going to be demonstrated to the mass audience at Army 2020 forum.

Source: Voennoye.rf information agency

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