Ministry of Defense Officers Unleash Potential of Typhoon Chassis at Army 2019 Forum

Remdizel plant for special-purpose vehicles presented a range of armoured vehicles of the Typhoon series at Army 2019 forum. The vehicles can be seen not only at the company’s stand but also in other parts of the exhibition. The Ministry of Defense officers told the reporter of Mil.Press Voennoye that this can be explained by the convenience of the chassis for accommodation of various armament and equipment.

According to major Andrei Dontsov from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the 4×4 Typhoon vehicle is perfect for mine exploder installation. The officer developed a light mine exploder for wheeled armoured vehicles, the demonstration copy of which on the scale 1:10 is installed on a specially manufactured scaled model of Typhoon К-53949.


The model of К-53949 armoured vehicle with the model of a prospective mine exploder
Mil.Press Voennoye, Valery Butymov

 “Installation of mine exploders on the vehicles was not previously available. The travelling roller had to have enough mass in order to run over the pressure sensor of the explosive device. Consequently, this exploder must be heavy. With the emergence of armoured heavy vehicles, the situation has been changed. The engines are powerful enough so that the vehicle could push them. The second point is armour protecting against explosion products”, Andrei Dontsov said.

Another speaker, the officer of the Engineer Troops, commented on one more product based on the Typhoon armoured vehicle, a mine deploying device. He explained that placing equipment on the armoured chassis enhances the security of personnel. He said that another advantage is mobility. On the first hand, wheeled vehicles are able to drive without damage to the road surface, and on the second hand, they have high speed, therefore, These vehicles will be required if it is necessary to promptly put up a barrier.

Mine deploying devicer based on Typhoon-VDV
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev

 The commander of airborne forces told the reporter of Mil.Press on the site of airborne assault equipment that he is already familiar with solutions on the basis of Typhoon for paratroopers. “I saw an 82 mm mortar launcher based on Typhoon. It is an impressive technology”, he noticed. One of the modifications mentioned by the officer is 2С41 Drok self-propelled mortar based on the Typhoon-VDV, being developed according to “Nabrosok” (Sketch) theme. It was also represented at the exposition of Army 2019 forum.

Typhoon К-4386 armoured vehicle with an 82 mm mortar launcher (Drok)
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev

The major of land forces, interviewed by the press representatives, was given more information about the vehicles produced by the Remdizel company and took positive note of armament and interior of Typhoon 4×4 vehicles. According to him, there is enough space in the vehicle for soldiers with full outfit and weapons; if desired, it is possible even to place an additional munition package, portable means of communication and reconnaissance.

“Each sample of equipment has its own tasks. Typhoon is good as a special vehicle, especially with weapon stations. I don’t know whether it will be a universal vehicle in troops but it has potential. I have looked through the vehicle from the inside and must say that there is enough space for a motorized rifle brigade. If they squeeze together, as is our custom, it will be possible to place boxes for personal things into the saloon”, the major said.


Typhoon VDV with a mine exploder
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev

 In his opinion, wheeled vehicles will play a greater role in modern wars as it is easier to maintain. He thinks that heavy tracked vehicles will remain the main force for offensive and breaching operations in large-scale fighting. But as for local conflicts or performing special tasks, light wheeled armoured vehicles and trucks with added protection will be the main instrument.

The fifth international tactical and technical forum Army takes place from 25 to 30 June on the base of the Patriot congress and exhibition center at Alabino launch site and in Kubinka aerodrome. The forum was opened for specialists since 25 to 27 June; it is opened for popular attendance from 28 to 30 June.


Source: Voennoye.rf news agency

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