Army 2020 will present new versions of Russian oldest military tractors

New multipurpose tracked tractors MGTT-LB and MGSh-LBU, the modifications of the oldest MT-LB type vehicles, operated by Russian land forces, will be shown at Army-2020 military and technical forum, as was reported to RIA Novosti at the press service of AO Remdizel, which is the company producing those vehicles. 

The event will be held from 23rd to 29th August at Patriot park, Kubinka, Moscow region.

Photo: AO Remdizel press service

MT-LB military trailer. Archival photo

“At the forthcoming “Army”, we are going to present upgraded tracked trailers MGTT-LB and MGSh-LBU which we worked on within the framework “Reconstruction” according to the military operational requirement of the Russian Ministry of Defense. As a result, we succeeded in enhancing rates as mobility, protection, ergonomics, team maneuverability, load-carrying capacity and fire power,” the company representative told.

Remdizel explained that these trailers are the extension of the family of highly unified military tracked vehicles based on the MT-LB transporter hauler, one of the commonnest vehicles of this class which is in service with 40 countries. Despite a number of works carried out in the USSR and Russia, its analogues have not yet been created.

An upgraded vehicle has a new engine and a track with an enclosed ball joint what must give weight (about 800-900 kg) and mobility savings. To date, Remdizel has produced prototypes of upgraded vehicles which undergo the tests.

The interlocutor of the agency noted that MGTT-LB could be a platform for new Russian weapon systems in various kinds of ground troops.

Source: RIA Novosti

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