Remdizel: Expert on Military Equipment Service

AO Remdizel (Remdizel JSC) is among the largest enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. The company has a fair amount of experience to be considered an expert in military equipment service.

‘More than 45 thousand KAMAZ vehicles are used by the personnel structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and all these vehicles are maintained and repaired in Remdizel,’ Faiz Khafizov, the company’s Director General, explains. ‘But it would be better to say that we provide technical supervision over most of vehicles of the Ministry. This is not just about the KAMAZ vehicles but about the Ural ones, buses and other vehicles as well. Contractual services include maintenance and repair of special-purpose equipment mounted on the chassis of the mentioned above vehicles.’

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Remdizel’s capabilities

According to industry experts, it is possible to perform up to 1.5 thous. condition-based repairs for the KAMAZ vehicles per year, 5 thous. overhauls with upgrading for vehicles to a newer model range and 10 thous. overhauls for power units of the vehicles of the same car model at the company’s sites.

‘We don't just specialize in overhaul, we are the principal enterprise providing the overhaul of the KAMAZ vehicles and components,’ Faiz Khafizov notes. ‘This means responsibility for performing operations on which overhaul basically depends: from development of design documents and maintaining its relevance with carrying out tests to managing the roster of current vendors, constituent parts.’

Maintenance and repair can be performed by on-site repair teams (from 4 to 12 team members) anywhere in the country where the military units are located. This enables creating jobs in regions where the job opportunities are short. Mobile teams were highly appreciated by Vladimir Putin, Russian President, during his visit to the company in February 2016.

The company’s advantages are high quality of depot maintenance level and a sufficient basis of components allowing to deal with orders as expeditiously as possible. High assessments do not hinder   continuing service improvement. And Faiz Khafizov emphasizes that the greatest achievement of the company is well-deserved confidence of its customers. ‘Everyone who has ever worked with us, keep on working with us,’ the company’s head says.

These words are fully applicable to the enterprise’s key partner that is the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Ministry has been extending its treaties with the enterprise and singing new ones for 10 years. 

Engineering developments

Remdizel has scheduled its work plans with the Ministry of Defense for at least a decade. The fact the company is not confined to dealing only with maintenance, contributes to it. For example, over the last years, there has been made a significant progress in import substitution, which greatly reduced the role of a number of Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Polish enterprises. Domestic production of more than 800 nomenclatures of various details has been set up. Moreover, in particular, total import substitution on multi-purpose carriers and their modifications has been carried out.

Speaking about Remdizel, one should obviously note that the company is dealing with its own engineering developments as well. ‘We are working on armoured tracked vehicles: this is a multi-purpose light MTLB tractor unit and its modifications,’ the company’s head explains. In parallel to that work, wheeled armoured vehicles are being produced. Thus, the Plant for Special Vehicles incorporated with Remdizel, produces advanced vehicles of new generation: Typhoon, Vystrel and Tornado.

Source: New Defence Order. Strategy

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