Remdizel Explained the Possibilities of Production Diversification

AO Remdizel (Remdizel JSC), the manufacturer of military armoured vehicles, geared up for production for engineering output under the diversification programme. There have already been established separated sections for welding, bending, laser metal cutting and painting. The plant is currently working on civilian orders of companies from Naberezhnye Chelny. In the outlook, however, it is going to accept orders for manufacturing products from companies of other regions.

Remdizel’s press service reported to Mil.Press Voennoye that the section of laser metal cutting is now most-requested by customers, i.e. Tatarstan’s small and medium-sized enterprises. 

The section is equipped with a sole regional laser-cutting complex having an operating range of 6 by 2.5 m, with a 4 kW ytterbium fibre radiation source equipped with an automatic loader. This complex allows cutting steel with thickness of up to 18 mm with a high efficiency, accuracy, quality, as well as product labeling.

Снимок экрана 2019-04-01 в 18.53.34.JPG Снимок экрана 2019-04-01 в 18.54.08.JPG
               AO Remdizel’s laser metal cutting section                                                             AO Remdizel’s press service

Near the laser-cutting complex, there are located two sheet bending presses with a force of between 100 to 500 t that allow bending products with a width of up to 5 m, a thickness of up to 18 mm.
‘Sheet metal bending allows to produce some products without welding, which has a positive impact on their strength and durability. Labor costs and final value of a product or a blank are also significantly reduced,’ Remdizel’s press service reported. 

Semi-finished products generally need welding after their cutting and bending. These operations are performed on the plant’s welding section fitted with a complete set of required equipment: semiautomatic welding machines, welding plates, tables, clamps, berths, tilting devices, bushing plates etc. 

The final production phase for any metal products is painting. For this purpose, the enterprise has a painting section with an area of more than 2,800 square meters equipped with a cross-functional bead-blasting paint complex that enables washing, rust and scale removal, obtaining required roughness, degreasing, joints sealing, priming and final painting of products, including vehicles, with a length of up to 19 m, a width of up to 5 m and a height of up to 5 m. 

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AO Remdizel’s welding and assembly section

The enterprise is actively developing its additive technologies. In 2018, the company carried out research scientific and experimental works; developed a specific type of plastic with unique characteristics required for military purpose products and meeting the needs of the plant; purchased equipment; mastered 3D printing of serialized and prototype products. Additive technologies allow to have finished products in the shortest term without preproduction and development of complete set of design documents, with only a 3D model, which is impossible when applying traditional technologies. 


AO Remdizel’s 3D printer

At the request of the reporter of Mil.Press Voennoye, production capacities of AO Remdizel prepared for diversification were assessed by the heads of Russian defense enterprises. 

‘Remdizel has demonstrated its possibilities in manufacturing military equipment,’ Anatoly Rusin, Director General of Kingisepp Machine Building Plant, told the correspondent. ‘Having assessed production capacities of the enterprise, you can understand that they have enough resource to work for the benefit of commercial customers.’  

‘It can be argued that current technological capabilities, high staff capacity and experience of AO Remdizel in the field of manufacturing special-purpose vehicles fully provides the enterprise with the possibility to perform systematic production diversification towards the development of new innovative technology for a civil market,’ Ulyana Zakharova, Deputy Director General for Marketing of AO KAMPO (KAMPO JSC) added. 

In the technical department of Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Yard, Mil.Press Voennoye took a favourable view of Remdizel’s production diversification and reported that both enterprises are actively involved in “Made in Tatarstan” regional program. The responder underlined that AO Remdizel is well known as the designer and manufacturer of armoured vehicles. ‘Our region has a lot of strategic military production  enterprises,’  he noticed. ‘But we have been successful in manufacturing non-defense products as well, for instance, Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Yard produces high-speed passenger carriers.’

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AO Remdizel’s (RD) stand at Army-2018 forum

Mil. Press Voennoye, Andrey Sergeev

Remdizel previously presented its development programme by 2023. According to the plans of the company’s managers, the share of non-defense products is to approach 50%. On state defense order, the enterprise manufactures armoured vehicles of the Typhoon and Vystrel families in different modifications, provides overhaul and upgrading of the KAMAZ and Ural trucks and MTLB tracked towing vehicles.

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