VIDEO: Armament and Military Equipment Based on Typhoon and Tornado chassis at Army 2019 Exposition

Remdizel represented more than ten of its armoured vehicles on the Typhoon and Tornado chassis with various payload at Army 2019 exposition. On the Typhoon chassis, enterprises of military-industrial complex set weapon stations with small arms and grenade launchers of different caliber, install mortar launchers, equipment for mine layers and mine exploders, mount communication and fire control equipment. Tornado is positioned not only as an armoured truck but also as a platform for Pantsir-SM complex.

Alexander Matveev, Deputy Chief Development Officer, Igor Zarakhovich, Chief Designer from Remdizel special vehicles plant told about the vehicles presented at the tactical and technical forum.

Military experts who visited the forum think that it is a global trend to use explosion-proof vehicles.

According to the officers of the Russian armed forces, the main features of these vehicles are powerful engines, high crew protection level, easy maintenance in comparison to that of heavy armoured vehicles, a relatively good efficiency, possibility to set special equipment and armament for various tasks. Due to all these features, mine protected vehicles are in demand in armed conflict.

At Army 2019 forum, the country’s defense enterprises obviously demonstrated room for manoeuvre in choosing payload. The chassis of Typhoon armoured vehicles were applied for creation of self-propelled mortars, mine layers and mine sweepers, personnel carriers with weapons of various caliber.


Typhoon К-4386 armoured vehicle with an 82 mm mine launcher (Drok)
Mil.Press Военное, Андрей Сергеев

Mine layer based on Typhoon VDV
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev

Typhoon К-4386 with a mine sweeper

 Tornado К-5398 armoured vehicle was developed as a joint initiative between Remdizel and Tula Instrument Design Bureau is presented at the exhibition both independently and as Pantsir-SM anti-aircraft rocket-gun complex.


Tornado armoured vehicle with Pantsir-SM complex
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev


Pantsir-SM anti-aircraft rocket-gun complex on the Tornado vehicle chassis

Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev

 Particular attention was given to Typhoon К-53949 vehicle with a medical module. The vehicle with code “Linza” became further development of concept for rescue of personnel.

The interviewed medical service colonel explained to the Mil.Press Voennoye reporter that this vehicle’s another advantage is protection of evacuation crew on the way to victims.


Linza armoured medical vehicle produced by AO Remdizel
Mil.Press Voennoye, Andrei Sergeev
The fifth international tactical and technical forum Army is held from 25 to 30 June on the basis of Patriot congress and exhibition center at Alabino training ground and in Kubinka aerodrome. The forum was opened for specialists since 25 to 27 June; it is opened for popular attendance from 28 to 30 June.

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 Source: Voennoye.rf news agency

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