Sale of Trucks

Drop-side Trucks

We offer the KAMAZ vehicles of new generation with different cab options, engines of various capacities as well as a wide range of additional options. Our experienced consultants will help you to choose an optimal vehicle configuration for your business requirements and the needs of the drivers

Tractor units

Tractor units for long-distance and regional transportations as a part of a combination vehicle with full mass up to 44 t. Combination of high-class comfort, safety, new technologies and an attractive design. Due to its easy maintenance, durability, services available in every region KAMAZ may be the vehicle you need most.

Dump trucks

All-terrain dump trucks with turnability. Modern energy efficient KAMAZ and Cummins engines. Unification with other KAMAZ families. The implementation of recent developments of designers has increased a service interval by 80%. The possibility of setting a wide range of superstructures. We will help you to choose the option especially suitable for your activity.


1) Chassis are characterized by their capacity and performance, high quality and cost effectiveness.

Various options and concepts for drive components will certainly meet even your highest requirements. Make use of several options for a configuration. It is possible to set up various special equipment on the KAMAZ chassis depending on the aims further pursued.

With a Loader Crane

These vehicles are intended for performance of a wide range of handling, installation and construction and hauling operations with various cargoes. Accuracy and smoothness of work with a loader crane ensures upward and downward rectilinear motion of the cargo.