Upgrading of the KAMAZ vehicles

Upgrading of the KAMAZ vehicles in Remdizel JSC is a service in all-inclusive replacement of a frame, cab, engine and other units, aggregates and systems, end-of-life vehicles (of the Euro-0, Euro-1, Euro-2 levels) to new ones (of the Euro-1, Euro-2 levels) of the KAMAZ PTC and Remdizel JSC plants production in accordance with the options for affordable vehicle versions with changes made in the construction.

Specialists and equipment

Certified specialist will perform a detailed diagnosis and carry out the upgrading work just in time.

Original spare parts

Only original spare parts are used.

Replacement of 100 per cent of parts


100 per cent of the resource

The cost of the major overhaul of the aggregate is 83-90 per cent of the price of Euro-4


12 months warranty 50,000 km with an unlimited mileage at any service center of KAMAZ PTC

Service request