Armoured Service

1. 1. Major overhaul of vehicles

Updating of all components that allows the aggregates to reach 100 per cent of their service life and it is 30 per cent cheaper than the cost of a new aggregate.

2. Ensuring a life cycle of KAMAZ, Ural, MTLB and their versions

  • ТО-15000 single maintenance
  • Routine repairs
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Condition-based repair

3. On-site repair teams

350 on-site repair teams carry out maintenance and repair in the field environment and when accompanying in vehicle march.

  • ТО-1000, ТО-1500, СО maintenance programs (where TO is for maintenance, СО is for seasonal service)
  • Replacement of tyres, batteries, tents, aggregates
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Training of the Russian Armed Forces personnel
  • Warranty

Production capacity of an on-site repair team is set depending on a armoured vehicle fleet and there are on average 12 TO-15000 servicing items a day when working at a single place


It is possible to perform up to 100 maintenance works for 1 working shit (TO-15000) that ensures accompanying up to 1000 armoured vehicles in travel or in combat conditions.


  • 6 vehicles
  • 21 tents and sheds
  • 14 specialists

Economical indicators

The cost of the work is calculated on the prices for normal hours, normative labour input and spare parts agreed by armoured representatives and confirmed by a defense customer.


  • In the warehouses there are some spare parts even for noncurrent vehicles
  • Transparency and fixing of expenditures
  • Warranty
  • All services are performed in accordance with the design documents

Technical indicators

  • Vehicle availability rate (0.95)
  • Performing the works in accordance with the design documents
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